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Aminogard Granules is used for Component of parenteral nutrition, Malnutrition.

AminoGard granules provide biologically utilizable source material for protein synthesis when used with concentrated calorie sources (such as hypertonic dextrose or fat emulsion), electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Administered orally after appropriate dilution or with minimal calorie supplementation, it enhances the conservation of body protein.

Over the long haul, AminoGard granules will help keep the muscles primed for top performance and the body conditioned for greater fitness and overall health. A constantly adequate supply of the amino acids will enable the body needs and will help to achieve a better-fat-to-muscle ratio. Increased quantities of essential micronutrients (Thiamine, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine, Folic Acid, Cyanocobalamin, etc.) are required for the success of any anticatabolic or anabolic strategy as micronutrient depletion occurs after trauma or in convalescing condition.


Amino Acids: Unlike fats and carbohydrates, Amino acids require the removal of Amine group. Removal of amine group occurs through a 2 step process: transamination reaction and oxidative deamination. All excess Amino acids are deaminated. This results in the production of Ammonia which is toxic and is eliminated via urea cycle. Urea cycle occurs in liver resulting in the formation of urea, which is eliminated by excretion as urine.

Liver is the major site of Nitrogen metabolism in the body. The carbon skeletons are generally conserved as carbohydrate via gluconeogenesis, or as fatty acid via fatty acid synthesis pathways.

In this respect Amino acids fall into three categories: Glucogenic, Ketogenic or Glucogenic and Ketogenic. Glucogenic amino acids are those that give rise to a net production of Pyruvate or TCA cycle intermediates, such as a-Ketoglutarate or Oxaloacetate, all of which are precursors to glucose via gluconeogenesis.


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