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Typhoid! Typhoid!! Typhoid!!




If you called in sick and couldn’t make it to work, it was probably because you had Malaria and Typhoid.

Did I hear you say Typhoid?

You have participated in Fraud!
Let me shock you, the rate of Typhoid fever occurrence in Sub-Saharan Africa is less than 1%, unlike malaria prevalence which currently stands above 60% in Nigeria.

“But I did test and it showed Typhoid! “ you say. That is exactly the problem, as you must have done a Widal test.
Do you know, that the once useful Widal agglutination test, with due apologies to Mr Widal is now one of the most useless tests in medical science and should never form the basis of diagnosis or treatment. So if you took antibiotics on the strength of a positive widal test you just abused antibiotics, and it’s not good for you.

Why am I worried?, because aside from abusing antibiotics, you also get resistant to a particular one and have to spend more money to get a sense of relief.

Remember the days of chloramphenicol? Then later amoxicillin, ciprofloxacin, augmenting….etc in that increasingly expensive order; you keep wasting your money. Not only that , when serious diseases come knocking, the voice you hear is that of Typhoid…….

Which is why you often hear “I was being treated for malaria and Typhoid only for me to be told when I travelled abroad that I had cancer” or God forbid Ebola!

Medical Lab. Scientist know this, but are tired of explaining to you that you don’t have Typhoid, since you will still go to a quack who is willing to give you drip to ‘flush out’ the Typhoid from your system, for a tidy sum of course!. So you are treated, no harm to you, patient smiles , doctor smiles and every one waits for another episode of Typhoid.

I feel so strongly about this and have seen myriads of false Typhoid diagnosis, that I wrote to the federal ministry of health to do something about this. I am still waiting to hear from them . In the meantime you can inform your friends and a few enemies too that the reliable tests to diagnose Typhoid is stool or blood culture and no longer that test that says 1/80, 1/20.
At any rate, though you have been treating Typhoid now and again, your best kept secret may be that you have never had the disease in your life!
Let us learn not to dictate a type of laboratory test to our doctors they are professional in their field less we play into their hands @the business end
Copied and edited !!!!!

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